Caspian Chemical Anzali Free Zone 2722 with registered number2722, starts its activity in 2015 at Gilan . Its industrial activities are related to:

Iso Propyl – Alcohol-octane refinery – boosters octane- A4 zeolite – Diesel antifreeze – liquid waterproofing – primer-technical knowledge of wgm gasoline – construction equipment and additive of desulfurization oil derivatives – Paints and solvents- a variety of water based paints and stainless – and black carbon and toner – perfume and essential oil.

Technical knowledge:
Inventors of this company succeeded in prototyping and acquiring technical knowledge in fields which Iran has the greatest resources in the world, and justification for exports and prevent unnecessary imports.

Using modern knowledge and innovation by inventors of this company aims to produce goods for export and prevent the outflow of money because of import of these products.

Subsidiary of Caspian Chemical Anzali Free Zone:
Zarin Kar Talaee, beginning in 2000 with the registration number 165 579. Participated in Khwarizmi Festival. It is established in t of Scientific and Industrial Research Revolution era complex.


Mobtakeran-e-energy sabz, established in 2007 with the registration number 306 967. With the development of knowledge-based activities in the field of self-sufficiency and export projects in our country in South Pars to produce clean gasoline and fuel

Gas Petro Safa Malaysia compan, beginning in 2010, registration number 912743-H for sale of license and patents abroad during the period of sanctions